How to Play PUBG to Make Real Money

You can make real money by playing PUBG. It is one of the biggest games in the world; you will find various platforms from where you can make some cash from this game. First, you can buy PUBG games and install it on your PC or smartphone, or you can download it from thepiratebay. The Pirate Bay office website sometimes remains down, so you can go to a mirror website of The Pirate Bay and download PUBG.

Following are a few ways you can make real money playing PUBG:

  • Playing Online Tournaments for Money

The simplest way of making money playing PUBG is to join an online tournament by paying some money. You only need the game, and you can join it. You can check on the online platforms such as GamerArena, FACEIT, MKG Gamebattles, Toornament, etc. PUBG paid tournaments are sometimes featured, and therefore, you have to sign up with a team, and then you can start making money from there.

  • Sell Items of PUBG for Money

If you are buying crates from your collection from Battle Points, you can exchange them into cash. A lot of players take advantage by buying valuable items. You can collect new crates and then sell them for a good price. You can use the help of Steam Market and OPSkins to sell your items.

  • Become PUBG YouTuber or Streamer

As per Newzoo, PUBG is currently the most watched games on YouTube and Twitch in the world. So, why not become a PUBG YouTuber or streamer. You can just download OBS from streaming, and build up a channel for yourself in the YouTube. You can edit your game and then post it on YouTube. Overnight this won’t make you money, but some game streamers are making millions.

If in your computer your PUBG is slowing down, you can make it run faster, and still, it will have a nicer look using vibrance GUI PUBG. It will make Digital Vibrance of Nvidia’s colors on the screen “pop.”

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