The Shift from QWERTY to KWIK: New Era Needs Necessary Changes

To operate PC, laptops, tablets, mobiles, iPads, etc. we either need a keyboard or a keypad. QWERTY is the oldest form of keyboards and most widely used. But QWERTY was initially invented for typewriters by Christopher Latham in 1873. But the arrangements of the keys on these QWERTY keyboards aren’t sufficient and to perform with it; you will need a lot of practice. The keyboard has alphabets arranged horizontally. A person who doesn’t type regularly will face a lot of problems using this keyboard; as well as, they are going to feel tired if they sit on the keyboard for a long time. When anyone sits on this keyboard for a long time, it becomes tiresome as well as people start hurting their neck and arms. But still, no has bothered to change it for 146 years. So, maybe now it’s time to change it and settle with something new and something far better.

KWIK Keyboards

A solution known as KWIK keyboard has been launched in the market after 145 years and is known as KWIK keyboard. Frederick T. Dykes invent it. It received a patent on 17th July 2018. This keyboard comes with many improvements. This keyboard is designed so that the person who is typing can type more efficiently and it is user-friendly. The keyboard is designed such that all the keys on the keyboard aren’t arranged horizontally, rather the keys are arranged in a fingertip pattern. Whenever you sit on a keyboard with your wrist straight, your index finger points towards 60 degrees, the design of the KWIK keyboard is such that the keys come with grooves with a round bottom, so when you want to reach the below row, you can easily reach them, making your typing easy.

The keys on KWIK keyboard are designed logically, such that if you have to use the most common words, you can type them from home position. Cornell University’s research is used to find out the most common words.

This product had a major challenge of supplying product as it can make only 50,000 pieces per month currently, and is facing huge demand in the market.

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