TS Eliot, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, The Hound of Heaven

TS Eliot is a poet who was born in Missouri in in the year 1888. His first ever publication was the poem The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock in the year 1915. He wrote another poem in the year 1921 called The Waste Land while he was intending to recover from exhaustion. Through his innovative poems throughout his life, he has won a Nobel Prize and an Order of Merit in literature in the year 1948. TS Eliot spent almost all his life in London and died in England in the year 1965.

The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, like any other work by TS Eliot, revolves around the norms of the society and points out the flaws of it with regards to its rituals and clichés. The poem imitates the present hollows of the society and speaks about the story of a man’s experience of the love unreturned and longing for things better than simply tea and cakes and ices. J Alfred Prufrock, a not just pessimist but protagonist as well, looks for a profound meaning of the actions of the people around him that seem meaningless to him. He is smothered by their lower standards and feels utterly helpless. At the same time, he is also coping with his feelings he has for a woman, which he feels wouldn’t understand his hesitancy.

Alfred is struggling with his own contemplation and wants a companion, who is also supposedly included in the problem. The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock deals with uncontrolled emotions and an in-depth self-examination which makes the reader to think about their own stipulations.

The Hound of Heaven is a poem written by Francis Thompson who is an English poet. The poem has inspired so many writers, artists, and various spiritual seekers ever since it was published in the year 1893. The Hound of Heaven has a close association with catholic messages. The interesting thing about the poem is that instead of portraying the problem as the person seeking self, or god, or liberation, the poet says that it is god and our self that is seeking us, and we are the ones who run away from it. The Hound of Heaven is not a kind of poem which makes the reader to reveal itself, instead, gives the reader an invitation to go through the poem and make a thorough analysis about the message.

In the poem The Hound of Heaven, Thompson reflects his life saying that god had always chased him in his entire life while he was trying to push himself away from him. The poem amazingly describes how god too is stubborn and never gives up on us, no matter what times of our lives we are in, either good, or bad. He is always hounding on us and is there with us no matter what. This is one of the greatest poems of Thompson while he lived his life from 1859 to 1907.

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